My name is Uche-Ibe Margaret, for long I battled with the dilema of setting up a business I could do successfully, without negatively affecting my regular 9 to 5 job. Then, I came across an advert on Facebook lauding the Oriflame Business Opportunity. After a short interaction with the advertiser, I realised that Oriflame business was the kind of business I'd been searching for for so long.
I registered immediately and started Oriflame business with just N4,300 worth of products + a N2,990 registration fee totaling N7,290. As soon as I got my Starters Kit, I went to work marketing the products by showing everyone around me my catalogue. My next order was 68k worth of products, I was amazed. I had to borrow some money from my husby for that first huge order. Before the end of my first month (February) of doing the Oriflame business, I became a 12% manager!
I received an alert of N24k+ as commission for my February sales, this was apart from my profit of over N70k from direct sales! My commission for the month of March was N34k while I received an alert of 52k for the month of April. This has been the trend ever since.
For this business, you do not need a huge start-off capital. You make money in three major ways; your instant profit from direct sales, monthly commission cum salary from the Oriflame office and periodic cash awards.
The most wonderful part is that you earn according to your efforts -there is no question of monkey dey work baboon dey chop- and above all, you stand the chance of getting periodic ‘freebies’ and cash awards from Oriflame.
Truly, with Oriflame business, it’s always a win-win situation whichever which way.